Due to the recent crisis we are missing many visitors from all around the world, but if you can’t visit Belfast for now, let us bring some local experiences and stories to your own home. Keep an eye out as we bring a number of experiences online, as a thank you from us to you for keeping Belfast in your thoughts.

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5 star review

"I brought along 4 of my Aussie mates to the tour upon the recommendation of a colleague in Melbourne. I wasn't disappointed. The guide was very interesting and friendly, was always in jovial mood and had a vast knowledge of the city and its sights. The walking tour was at a steady but casual pace and was well worth the reasonable price we paid. Thanks guys. I'll be back!"

Ronan F – Guest visitor


This tour begins at city hall front gates and stops close to the city hall.

This tour will last approximately 1.5 hours (medium paced walk) and will cost £15 per person

If need a tour for time and date not scheduled, please email [email protected] and will do our best to accommodate you on your visit

Belfast Hidden Tours take pride in providing walking tours and experiences of the city that showcases our attractions and places of interest in Belfast.

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